ATOPOLIS (Press Conference)

ATOPOLIS (Press Conference)
WIELS @ Mons 2015
Curated by Dirk Snauwaert and Charlotte Friling
Serra dei Giardini, Viale Giuseppe Garibaldi, 1254-30122 Venezia - Castello
Vaporetto: Giardini
8 May 2015 - 9:30 pm

This exhibition of contemporary art, in co-operation with Mons 2015, presents work by a group of artists who are interested in the phenomena of exchange, transfer between cultures and artistic practices. The title reflects the ideas of Edouard Glissant, a great thinker of hybridity and globalisation, who has already been campaigning for the 'Relation' for years, a mutual connection and equality between people, between the community and nature, between the imaginary, the symbolic and the real.

Mons, the historic epicentre of the first industrialisation on the mainland - a synonym for  rampant modernisation - became the crossroads of major migrations searching a "full life" and a symbol of the cultural and social diversity as a result of those migrations. Multiple identities and other topical issues that are omnipresent due to globalisation found  predecessors and peers, as witnessed by the many models of social and community utopia.
The exhibition explores the notions of ‘otherness and difference’ in the light of globalisation, based on the specificity of the place and its history: the Borinage, the Manege de Sury and a former convent school, places that reflect a "micro city" or an ideal community. The restored and revalued building complex will become a creative 'hub' for innovative companies as from 2016, a model of an island in the city focused on creative industries whose technological future will be characterised by the free flow of information.

Twenty-three artists install their visions in an atopolis, a temporary ideal city, everywhere and nowhere.

Saâdane Afif, Nevin Aladag, Francis Alÿs, El Anatsui, Danai Anesiadou, Yto Barrada, Walead Beshty, Huma Bhabha, Vincen Beeckman, Vlassis Caniaris, Abraham Cruzvillegas, Meschac Gaba, Jef Geys, Thomas Hirschhorn, Kapwani Kiwanga, David Medalla, Vincent Meessen, Adrian Melis, Benoit Platéus, Walter Swennen, Diego Tonus, Lawrence Weiner  and Jack Whitten.

A co-production with Foundation Mons 2015, the Pôle muséal de la Ville de Mons and WIELS.
Curator: Dirk Snauwaert
Co-curator: Charlotte Friling

Manège de Sury
Rue des Droits de l’Homme 4
7000 Mons
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