The Base of Venice

The Base of Venise
Robert Suermondt
Installation | Performance
Curated by M. Farid Chaïb-Sedduk (CSCA)               
Castello 925 +Plus
Castello 780 Fondamenta San Giuseppe I-30122 Venise
May 9 > 30 may, 2015
Press day: May 6-7  from 2pm - 6pm
Opening Reception : May 8 from 6pm-10pm

Castello 925+Plus Gallery invite Chaïb-Sedduk Contemporary Art Projects (CSCA) to celebrate a new international collaboration for the opening of the new space by creating a unique installation for Venice Biennale 2015 introducing Robert Suermondt with an “Intimate Performance”.

Robert Suermondt (Netherland, Switzerland and Slovenia) was born in Geneva in 1961.
He pursued art studies at the Graduate School of Visual art (ESAV) in Geneva and followed the postgraduate cursus at The Riksakademie from Amsterdam. Installed since in Brussels, he shows regularly, since 1986, his work in collective and personal exhibitions

The Base of Venice is an Installation Exhibition specially created for Venice Biennale show 2015 where the visitor will find this unique piece in his wrapping.
After being impregnated visual ambition of the space, the visitor will have to focus above the centerpiece in the light beam to find himself in the depth to discover the image, the theme of the subject.
The Base of Venice give to see two Chromatic and symptomatic realities sharing the spirit of the place, the base and the visitor. This contemplative immersion will give a place in the heart of the senses.

Robert Suermondt through this personal and unique piece places an urn at the exit of the exhibition as part of the show for feedback experience. The visitor is invited to slip an envelope on which they transcribe impressions, feelings and emotions that they experience by being submerged in the artist’s base.

Robert Suermondt issue of the pictorial installation work is the mobilization of the visitor in his relationship to image as a space of negotiation. This is deeply felt the ownership of this ultimate level. This introspection as an entire perception resolves around the installation to question the hypothesis of meeting between these heterogeneous set.